Pavimentazione Antitrauma

Da oggi Action4Kids Europe ha lanciato una nuova linea di prodotti: Pavimentazione Antitrauma

Brandelli di Gomma:

Made of  100% recycled car tires and created to protect kids (and the environment!). Proven to be a very safe ground cover for every play area. Also the ultimate garden covering: rubber mulch lasts for years and needs hardly any upkeep. Rubber mulch is cheap and easy to lay, safe for man, animal and environment.

·         TÜV certified

·         8 colors, color fast and non-toxic

·         Lasts for years, avoiding the cost and trouble of annual replacement

·         Doesn’t absorb water so dries quickly, will not freeze and will not attract animals and insects

·         5 year guarantee

All information about this you will find on the homepage